Free PST Viewer Tool

A step wise guide to showcase how you can view MS Outlook PST file and the attachments when Outlook is neither installed nor configured. You can even preview email of data corrupted PST files after scanning it via advance scanning option.


Go to Start » All Programs » Free Outlook PST Viewer

The initial Window of MS Outlook PST Viewer will appear.


Next, Click on the Add File button as highlighted on the screen to add the PST files that you want to view.


As, you click on the Add file button, a dialogue box prompt you to browse and select the PST files and choose desirable scanning mode i.e. Quick Scan or Advance Scan


Once you browse the PST file, select the scanning mode: (1) Quick Scan: Select if the PST file is Healthy (2) Advance Scan: Select if the PST file is Corrupt

Then click "Add File" Button to Proceed.


Once you are done with adding PST file, the following message pop up to enable searching of files recovered after the scanning. We recommend to Click Yes and proceed scanning.

View Outlook PST Items

Normal Mail View

After scanning, the software loads the entire PST file items and you can preview it with Outlook graphical interface. You can view emails in normal view and by clicking on "Normal Mail View" tab as shown on screen.

HEX View

To view internal structure of PST file, click on "Hex View" tab as show on the screen.

Properties View

Next, to view the properties of an email like Received date, sent date, email id's, attachments info etc. Click on the "Property View" and the screen will appear as shown.

Message Header View

In order to view the particular details of email header, you need to click on "Message Header view" option as shown in the given screen


If you want to check content of emails in Mime format, then you need to select "MIME View" option as available in the given screen


To view formatting of emails in accurate way, select "HTML View" option as gievn in the below shown screen.

RTF View

In order to view email in plain text format, you need to select "RTF View" option as shown in the given screen.

Attachments View

In order to view the attachments of any specific email, the simply select that mail and click on the "Attachment Tab" to view the attachment.