How Can I Open a pst file without using Outlook

admin | May 7th, 2015 | Technical Support

I have got a bunch of old Outlook.pst files stored on my DVD. Now what I am looking for is a way to open all my Outlook mail-store files in my New Windows 8.1 laptop. I do not have Microsoft Outlook installed on my laptop. So, I am looking for a way to open all my old .pst files. I tried opening my pst files by double clicking on it, but it doesn’t work. Can you please help me with a resolution for same.

Windows by default doesn’t support opening or viewing of Outlook.pst files. PST file uses proprietary format of Microsoft to store and manage emails received via MS Outlook email client. You need to have MS Outlook installed on your laptop / computer to open and view pst files. If you do not have MS Office installed on your computer, then you need to take help of a PST reader tool to read your .pst files in absence of MS Outlook installation.

Let me suggest you a FREE way by which you can easily open pst file contents and quickly read your emails back without even installing MS Outlook.

Download PST Viewer and install it on your laptop. After installing free viewer, you will see a screen like as shown below.


Locate your pst files and browse them to open it in PST viewer application.

NOTE : Make sure you copy all PST files from your DVD drive to laptop and they do not have a Read-only property checked. If its checked, make it unchecked.