How to Search in PST File ?

admin | May 23rd, 2015 | Recommendations

While searching on the web, we found that most of the technical forums are filled with queries like :

  • How to search pst without outlook
  • How to search pst files for keywords
  • Any way to search pst files without indexing
  • What are the steps to search within outlook pst files

Now lets, discuss how easily you can get solution to all above related problems related to PST search.

First of all, we need to understand that .pst file is a proprietary file format of Microsoft. Outlook stores all of its email information in Outlook Data File or Personal Storage Table (PST) file. To save this file on disk, Outlook uses .pst file extension. Now to open or to read Outlook PST file, we need to have MS Outlook installed. But, there are many scenarios where Outlook installation is not present. And users still need to access emails from the Outlook PST file.

So, for such scenarios and to read pst file without Outlook we need to take help of this  “FREE PST Viewer” software. It allows you to open and read pst file and lists all emails in a similar interface as like Ms Outlook. Software is also capable of searching withing the pst file.

For specialized searches like keyword search in pst emails, we need to have a more advanced version of FREE PST Viewer. This viewer which comes for FREE is very limited in search function. So, we can recommend you to go for a specialized search tool to help you feed keywords to the software and it will quickly search pst files for same keywords and profile you with all hit results in easy to use format.

Advance search functions can be performed using  a tool from

Software is designed to handle multiple large pst files for quick easy search. For complex searches you can use the advance search options present with in the software. To know more about the advance search features, please visit this page :